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Do your part to tackle climate change by offsetting all of your carbon footprint each month.

For £6.99 each month you will plant 20 trees and offset 1.25 Tonnes of CO² Emissions through sustainable and certified carbon offsetting projects around the world.

The average British Emissions are 12-14 Tonnes of CO² per person, per year.  With this subscription you will offset 15 Tonnes of CO² per year - reversing all of your impact on climate change.

Upon subscribing you will receive an offsetting badge, and regular email updates on the projects you are supporting in Britain and around the world.

Official Statistics from Defra, published on the website, state that the average British Emissions are 12-14 Tonnes of CO₂e per person, per year.  This is also similar to figures published by the WWF, and other environmental organisations around the world.

Within this figure flights are included, with the average person flying 1 medium/long distance return flight per year, or up to 3 short distance return flights per year.  Car Travel - including commuting to work in a medium sized petrol car is also included.

Lifestyle choices and what we do are very important to our carbon footprint and emissions - but in many cases the impact on your overall emissions are less than you think.  Lifestyle changes such living a meat free diet, changing your travel methods, buying sustainable and eco-friendly products and looking at your energy usage and provider add up to removing around 1-3 Tonnes of CO₂e emissions per year. 

By Carbon Offsetting, you will make a bigger difference, in an affordable way with your subscription each month.

For £6.99 per month we ensure you can Become Carbon Neutral and offset 15 Tonnes of CO₂e per year.

If you simply want to make a bigger impact - or if you drive and/or fly significant amounts each year for £10.99 per month you can Become Carbon Neutral Plus and offset 20 Tonnes of CO₂e per year.

Ultimately we have chosen ease of impact (with a general subscription) over precision for individuals emissions - as our mission is to help Britain become Carbon Neutral in the most simple and effective way possible.

Upon checkout you will be charged and debited monthly on the same date until cancelled.

Customers can cancel anytime - so if you simply want to make an impact for one month, or longer, it is up to you.  Customers are able to update their account details, address and cancel anytime through their account login.

We also have options for customers to pay for a full year of Carbon Offsetting upfront rather than subscribing monthly.  If you would prefer to do this, please click below.

Pay 1 Year In Full

Give the gift of environmental action - simple, fun and no messing around with wrapping and delivery!

All of our subscriptions can be purchased as a gift.  To do this, please make your purchase and then email us at with your full name and email, and the full name and email of who you have purchased a subscription for.  If you would like them to receive their welcome email on a specific date, please also request this in the email.

Once we have received your email we will change the account into their name so they receive their welcome email (on the date requested) - as if they had just made the purchase themselves.  They will also receive all ongoing updates of our projects via email. 

As you have paid for the subscription, you will be able to log on and cancel the payments at any time.