What if my Business Carbon Footprint is Higher/Lower?

Carbon Neutral Britain™ market data, in addition to data from third party sources, have shown that 98% of businesses eligible for the Carbon Neutral Small Business Programme have an annual carbon footprint of 60 tonnes of CO₂e or less.

Following the internationally recognised ISO 14064 and GHG Emissions Protocol Standard, your offsetting will cover Scope 1 'Direct Emissions' (such as those from vehicles your business owns/leases, Scope 2 'Indirect Energy Emissions' (such as those from electricity & gas from your office or working from home) and Scope 3 'Indirect Other Emissions' (such as from your business waste, travel, and inbound/outbound delivery of goods).

Within this subscription the emissions from travel will be covered, up to 50,000kms of flying (about 10 economy long haul flights - plenty!), and up to 50,000kms of driving (based on the emissions of an average sized petrol car). This an annual total for all staff.

Furthermore, to maintain Carbon Neutral standards we pledge to enforce the following protocols for this programme:

  • All new small business customers will be verified by our team to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria.
  • We will continue to monitor market data to ensure the offsetting amount (60 tCOe) is relevant, and will not drop below 95% base rate for eligible businesses. 
  • In addition to monitoring market data, our team will offer free carbon footprint calculations to 5 new small business clients each month (with free additional offsetting if required) - to verify and ensure our estimate figures continue to be correct.
  • As the only true Carbon Neutral Business Subscription of its kind - we aim to create a 'small business offsetting community' - where the 98% of small businesses that offset slightly more than the emissions that they produce, will in turn will balance out the 2% of businesses that may exceed 60 tCOe emissions within the year.

Our mission is to support carbon offsetting projects and climate change - so ultimately we have chosen ease of impact (with a general subscription) over precision for small businesses - as our mission is to help Britain become Carbon Neutral in the most simple and effective way possible, with offsetting available for businesses of any size.