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Sharing Really is Caring

We cannot do it alone.

In addition to providing Carbon Offsetting - our mission is to help educate Britain on the benefits of Carbon Offsetting - the cheapest and most effective way to make a difference to climate change.

You can help too - so why not share your experiences and what you are doing to help the planet.

Help Us Educate Others on Carbon Offsetting


Launching in January 2021 - our #TellThreeToPlantATree initiative encourages our subscribers to pledge to tell 3 others about Carbon Offsetting and how it can make a huge difference to climate change.

For those that make the pledge and share the #TellThreeToPlantATree hashtag on social media - we will plant a tree. Each month we will share our progress on social media with regular prizes up for grabs. Why not get involved and spread the word?

Share your progress online

As part of your monthly email updates you will receive badges to show your impact and progress in carbon offsetting.

Your badges can be downloaded to be shared on your Social Media channels to help show your impact, and to help educate others on the benefits of Carbon Offsetting.

After 12 months you will receive the coveted '12 months Carbon Neutral' certification to show your commitment to the climate crisis.

Carbon Neutral Business

Businesses can help too!

As well as individual carbon offsetting subscriptions, we can also help businesses calculate and offset their carbon footprint.

Businesses account for two thirds of Carbon Emissions in the UK so it is important employers take vital steps in the battle for climate change.

In many cases employers are willing to pay to offset their business emissions, as well as their staffs emissions - so why not speak to your employers about Carbon Offsetting today?

Carbon Neutral Britain™ Links

Below are some useful Badges, pictures and certificates you can use to help show your impact, and to help educate others on their impact.