Reforestation of Degraded Farmland - India


The project is developed by Mangalam Timber Products Limited (MTPL) and consists in carbon sequestration of degraded land through reforestation activities.

Many parcels of degraded land that is owned by small and poor farmers/tribes who do not have the capability of plantation without any external financial support and technical guidance, are reforested under the Farm Forestry Scheme. The project encompasses 12,437 parcels of land measuring 14,969 hectares owned by 12,002 farmers distributed in seven districts across three Indian states.

The project has been undertaken to protect the land which was severely degraded or degrading. Prior to the project activity the lands were wastelands due to severe soil erosion without considerable flora.

Besides increasing the forest cover, the project also provides enhanced sources of livelihood and income in rural areas by generating large employment opportunities. The project also directly contributes to the significant reduction in top soil losses due to wind and water erosion and biodiversity conservation.

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  • United Nations Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs)
  • Reforestation and Afforestation
  • Asia
  • India
Sustainable Development Co-Benefits
  • Land
  • Natural resources
  • Welfare
  • Growth

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