Nicaforest Reforestation Program - Nicaragua


The Nicaforest Program has 490 hectares of land under management and aims to contribute to the creation of a sustainable value-chain by working closely with local landowners in a Shared Benefit Scheme. The program plants teak and other valuable species for future timber production and added-value wood production as well as other measures aimed at increasing resilience in the local municipalities.

The project protects the remaining patches of native vegetation and creates additional conservation areas on the banks of rivers and other watersheds. The forests offer a natural habitat for native animals and plants, protect and enrich the soil, save and filter water and contribute to the mitigation of the greenhouse effect.

The Nicaforest Program is in its pilot phase and is certified by Gold Standard and Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). The Norwegian company Across Forest AS is the promoter and the subsidiary, Nicaforest Plantations S.A in Santo Tomas, Chontales region in Nicaragua, is operating the program in Nicaragua.

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    • Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (VERs)
    • Reforestation
    • Latin America & the Caribbean
    • Nicaragua
    • Gold Standard ID 4220
      Sustainable Development Co-Benefits
      • Preserving Biomas
      • Preserving Ecosystem
      • Education

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