Gansu Dang Hydropower - China


The Gansu Dang River Hydropower Project consists of eight run-of-river hydropower plants along Dang River.  The objective of the project is to utilize local rich hydro resources for electricity generation through the installation and operation of the hydro plants. The electricity to be generated will be supplied to Subei Power Grid within Jiuquan Power Grid, which is connected to the Gansu Provincial Power Grid as an integral part of the Northwest Power Grid.
The proposed project is located in the western part of the country, one of the poorest areas in China. The newly installed capacity will directly benefit the local region by creating job and investment opportunities, stimulating economic development, raising the quality of the local power supply and contributing to local government with more tax revenues. Meanwhile, the project will bring online additional power capacity to meet the strong local electricity demand, and origin this power from a renewable energy resource.

Economic growth, social benefits and environmental improvement will be achieved in the region by conducting the project. Furthermore, the proposed project is consistent with China’s national energy policy and the Western Development Strategy.
  • United Nations Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs)
  • Hydro
  • Asia
  • China
Sustainable Development Co-Benefits
  • Jobs
  • Education

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