Andes Mountains Hydro Power - Chile


Located in the Tinguiririca River upper valley, this Hydroelectric project is around 120km south of Santiago, Chile. Known as La Confluencia, the 163 MW run of river hydro power plant utilizes the hydrological resources of the Tinguiririca, Portillo and Azufre Rivers, in a run of river scheme to generate and supply zero emission energy to the Chilean central electricity grid (SIC). The power plant generates certified emission reductions (CERs) by displacing electricity generation from grid connected fossil fuel-fired power plants that would otherwise be generating electricity.

Project Impact and Secondary Benefits:

Environmental Sustainability

The primary objective of the proposed project is to help meet Chile’s rising demand for energy due to its economic growth and to improve the supply of electricity, while contributing to the environmental, social (job creation in the construction phase, and infrastructure enhancements in surrounding municipalities) and economic sustainability by increasing renewable energy’s share on the Chilean electricity consumption. The Project activity improves the supply of electricity with clean, renewable hydroelectric power while contributing to the regional/local economic development.

Social Development

Through the "Tinguiririca Participa" grant program, the project directly finances proposals presented by community organisation, in areas such as healthcare, education, and social change. In the first year of the program, the joint venture financed 11 projects, while today the number of projects surpasses 200. All of these initiatives are aimed at meeting community needs.

Flora and Fauna

 In addition to social projects, reforestation of around 120 hectares around the site has been implemented, helping protect and improve the local flora and fauna, with a specific impact on local Tricahue Parrot, Torrent Duck, Freshwater Catfish, Torrent Duck and Freshwater Catfish species.


  • United Nations Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs)
  • Hydro
  • South America
  • Chile
  • CP2
Sustainable Development Co-Benefits
  • Welfare
  • Growth

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