Premier Inn: Pioneering the Future of Sustainable Hospitality

Premier Inn: Pioneering the Future of Sustainable Hospitality

Premier Inn: Pioneering the Future of Sustainable Hospitality

On October 16, 2023, Whitbread PLC, the UK’s largest hospitality group and owner of Premier Inn, unveiled a ground-breaking achievement in sustainable hospitality with the opening of Premier Inn Swindon Town Centre. This innovative hotel marks the first of a new generation of Premier Inn establishments designed to operate solely on renewable energy. With its forward-thinking features and commitment to environmental stewardship, Premier Inn Swindon sets a new standard for the hospitality industry.

A Glimpse into Sustainability

Premier Inn Swindon Town Centre's design showcases a range of innovative features aimed at minimizing its environmental footprint. These include:

  1. Energy-efficient air-to-water Mitsubishi Q-Ton CO2 Heat Pump for water heating.
  2. Low-energy LED lighting controlled by a metering system connected to a battery monitoring system for optimized energy use.
  3. Solar photovoltaic panels generate renewable electricity.
  4. BREEAM 'Excellent' standard building envelope, utilizing a Passivhaus-influenced 'fabric first' design to optimize energy use.
  5. Utilization of natural sunlight and recycled heat from electrical equipment to reduce heat exchange with the outside.
  6. Mechanical ventilation with passive heat recovery and an air source heat pump to maintain an optimal temperature year-round.

Powering Progress with Renewable Energy

Perhaps the most ground-breaking aspect of Premier Inn Swindon is its complete reliance on renewable energy sources. The hotel purchases only renewable electricity from the grid, aligning with Whitbread's commitment to sustainable operations in the UK and Germany.

Paving the Way for a Greener Future

Learnings from the design and operation of Premier Inn Swindon will not only drive forward the sustainability efforts of Premier Inn's hotel estate across the UK and Ireland but also play a pivotal role in Whitbread's ambitious goal to eliminate mains gas connections from its estate by 2040.

Economic Impact on Swindon

Beyond its environmental benefits, Premier Inn Swindon Town Centre is set to bring substantial economic advantages to the local community. Each Premier Inn hotel generates an average of £3.3 million in guest spending annually, making it a boon for the local economy.

Commitment to Net Zero

Whitbread's dedication to environmental responsibility is underscored by its commitment to achieving no operational emissions by 2040 and net-zero status by 2050, as approved by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

A Force for Good

The Premier Inn Swindon Town Centre project exemplifies Whitbread's Force for Good sustainability program, aiming to enable individuals to live and work well while safeguarding the environment.

Community Engagement and Volunteering

As Premier Inn Swindon prepared to welcome guests, its team of 46 members went above and beyond, dedicating over 160 hours to volunteer work with the Salvation Army. This initiative not only improved the local community but also exemplified Whitbread's dedication to being a positive force in Swindon.

Premier Inn Swindon Town Centre stands as a beacon of sustainable hospitality, demonstrating that affordability and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand. As a pioneer in the industry, Whitbread PLC sets an inspiring example for the future of sustainable hotel operations, illustrating how innovation and commitment to the environment can shape a brighter, greener future for all.